Q: When is the fish delivery?

A: Our fish comes in fresh every Tuesday & Friday (both locations) 

Q: When are pies delivered?

A: Mourningkill Pies are delivered Thursdays, and Smith's Pies are delivered Fridays (during non-holiday weeks). Pies are sold on a first come- first serve basis, we do not reserve pies.

Q: Is the weekly sale ad the same for both Clifton Park, and New Scotland locations?

A: Yes, the weekly sale ad is the same for both locations.

Q: What days do you sell fried Haddock?

A: Fried Haddock is served in the deli on Friday's in both Clifton Park, and New Scotland locations. We do not take orders for fried haddock, and it is sold on a first come- first serve basis.

Q: What bakery do you get your sub rolls from?

A: All of our sub rolls are from Nino's Bakery, located in Albany, NY. 

Q: Do you take orders for Sandwich Platters, or Deli Meat Platters?

A: Yes, we do! Please call the correct store based on your geographical location to place an order. We kindly ask you place orders at least 24 hours before pickup time (48 hours if the order is over 12 subs). We do require a deposit prior to pickup.

Q: Are gift cards able to be used at both stores?

A: Unfortunately (due to different POS systems), gift cards are only able to be used at the location in which it was purchased.